Town Hall Meeting Agenda - Marquis Theater
Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 7pm


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Purpose of this meeting:

  • To review lessons learned from the recent “Downs” Area P.U.D. process.
  • To review the Citizens For Northville group’s findings and recommendations concerning Improved Communications and Collaboration between the City and its citizens regarding future development proposals including specific redevelopment projects.
  • While concerns regarding the recent P.U.D. for “The Downs” area inspired this effort, it is not the purpose of this meeting to critique the specifics of that particular redevelopment proposal.
  • To get your input on these recommendations either live here tonight and/or afterwards by email.
  • To help Northville be the best that it can be.

CFN Presentation

  • This evening’s presentation is essentially what we propose to present to the City Council on November 18, 2019.

Citizen comments/suggestions/ideas

  • No politics
  • No complaints
  • Stay focused on the material presented.
  • Should there be a Citizens Committee as part of the Master Plan Review?
  • What is your “vision” for Northville in the future?
  • How will this “vision” be realized – Master Plan? Other?

Citizens For Northville Members:
Bill Poulos Joe Corriveau   Karl Kennedy     Jim Russell
Dave Atkinson Walter Davison   Bob Langan Carol Schrauben
Laura Atkinson Dennis Engerer Jim Long Alan Somershoe
Joanne Bandoni Jennifer Gerish  Kathy Spillane Barbara Moroski-Browne 
Ron Bodnar  Kurt Menhart  Rich Halmekangas Bill Stockhausen
Bob Buckhave John Jameson  Pattie Mullen Owen Weir
John Casey David Jerome Sue Petres  Kathi Jerome
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