An Open Letter To The Citizens of Northville

September 7, 2022

The Northville as you know it may soon be gone. If you love living in the historic beauty and charm of our fine city like we do, please read this letter and take action below today and let your voice be heard.

The  Planning Commission recommended to the City Council approval of PUD rezoning and preliminary PUD site plan for the Downs at their September 6 meeting at 1:30 am by a 7-2 vote.  Following the overwhelming negative feedback from the public at the meeting, not a word was said about it by the PC - interesting.  However, by process, the PC will include written correspondence received (by many of you and others) in their submission to the City Council.  It is important to note that the PC’s recommendation is based on adherence to design standards only, nothing more.  Only the City Council is empowered to approve the project and conduct a comprehensive analysis to answer the question is this plan right for Northville, guided by Sections 20.01-.05 of the Zoning Ordinance - so please stay engaged as the City Council begins their deliberations as early as September 19.

If You Care About Northville, This Is A Big Problem…

That’s because the city has yet to conduct a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond a limited assessment of Design Standards.  We believe that in order for the City Council to conduct a comprehensive analysis, 17 vital questions must be answered to properly assess whether or not the Hunter Pasteur Plan for The Downs is right for the historic beauty and charm of our fine city of Northville.

This project is huge in scope, and will have a tremendous economic and logistical impact on the entire city. If the City Council were to approve this project as recommended without first addressing these 17 key issues, we would all have to live with the consequences of insufficient planning and analysis.

Indeed, we have developed an alternative plan concept as something to compare to the current Hunter-Pasteur Plan that would dramatically reduce density and provide for a beautiful 30 acre park for all to enjoy for generations to come.

The Future Of Your Town Is At
 High Risk And Your Property
       Values Are At Stake…

The City Council will now begin deliberations as early as September 19.   Now is the time to let your voice be heard before it is too late.

We’ve prepared a response for concerned citizens of Northville like you to send to the City Council now.

Here’s what to do next:
  1. Just click the ‘Save Northville’ button below this letter. This will open a proposed email with our response (feel free to personalize) for you to add your name and address.
  2. Then just click your email’s send message button to express your concern.
Thank you for doing your part to save our fine city.
Citizens For Northville
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